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Motley Crue just might have some new music to play on their farewell trek.  Guitarist Mick Mars tells Guitar World that the band is "about half finished" with a song called "All Bad Things Must Come To An End." 

He explains that they still need Vince Neil to record his vocal track before he can add his "soloing and ear candy all over it and stuff like that."  But Mars won't say if more than just the song is in the works. 

Bassist Nikki Sixx adds that the point of their upcoming tour won't be to promote new music.  He admits the shows on Crue's "Final Tour" will be hit-heavy, because they know the fans will want to hear the classics at their last Motley Crue concert. 

Motley Crue is bringing the band to an end with their "Final Tour," which will begin in Grand Rapids, Michigan on July 2nd.  The group's last studio album was 2008's "Saints of Los Angeles."  Since then, Motley Crue has released one other studio track, "Sex," in 2012.

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