The Twins are in a deep tail spin. After losing 4-3 yesterday to the Tampa Bay Rays. The club has now lost 11 out of their last 12 games and those bats are the primary reason why.

In the past two games... Our mighty Twins struck out 32 times. Let that roll around a little in your mind. Two games and 32 strikeouts... That is a funk and it's not fun. Yep... take the fun out of a funk and you are left with a K... Umm... 32 K's to be exact.  

So what does General Manager Terry Ryan need to think about going forward. The Twins are now 12 games out and the winning streak necessary to get back in this thing would have to be huge. Something not impossible... certainly it has been done before but let's face it... It's simply not probable. 

So let's just say it. They are out!!! Many a Twins Fan will actually start hoping for losses to improve draft position in what is supposed to be a pretty solid draft next year. There are two college players from North Carolina State... A Pitcher named Rodon and a SS named Turner that are supposed to be real high quality players. Finishing with one of the worst 2 records in baseball will give the Twins a shot at drafting one of these two players. Rodon and Turner would both fill positions of need and because they are college age players they could be MLB ready and in uniform by 2015.

So do we hope for losses?

I say no and the reason I say no is because this team has to learn how to win and the Twins need to know which players can be counted on for 2014. Plus a higher draft pick position is not a gaurentee that you get a better player. It never works that way in any sport. 

The Twins need to decide who will be here in 2014 and how they play in 2013 will help decide that and that means going for the win and going for it hard. The trade deadline is looming... Morneau, Willingham, Doumit, Correia, Pelfrey and Perkins are players that teams will ask about. Trading any or all of them will make the team younger and in theory... winning more difficult. They gotta go for it anyway.  

It's all about 2014 and the future and the best way to get ready for that isn't to lose. It's to play the players who will be here in 2014 and work with those players and for those players to learn how to win!!!