UND isn't the only North Dakota based Division I College Football Program that will be searching for a head coach for next season.

It was announced over the weekend that NDSU head coach Craig Bohl has taken the position as Head Coach at Wyoming. Bohl will remain in place for the rest of the playoffs and then it's out the door to Laramie Wyoming.

I'm not surprised by the news. Bohl has been very succussful at NDSU with big wins over major programs. He would have been impossible to keep at NDSU. Bigger schools were going to be calling.  

Although... I am a little surprised by where he is going and more than a little surprised that he is staying on to finish the year with NDSU.  

Typically... Schools want the new hires in right away and typically the old schools want the old guys out right away because both schools need to move forward. So... Announcing Bohl as head coach at Wyoming while he finishes the year at NDSU is somewhat surprising.

I'm also shocked by Wyoming being the school. Coach Bohl has been very succussful and I thought a school from a major conference would come knocking. Nothing against Wyoming but Wyoming under current structure can never win a National Championship. The Conference they play in... is not a BCS Conference. A school like Purdue for example may be struggling right now in the Big Ten but they have a chance of getting better and winning it all. Wyoming can win the Mountain West and go undefeated and still have no chance at National Champion.

In the end... 1 Million plus in compensation is something everyone can understand and success at Wyoming can lead to that next job in a major conference. So... Financially the move does make sense.   

Anyway... Interesting News out of Fargo. UND and NDSU may not be playing each other in football but it looks like its possible that they could be competing for a head coach.

How bout those Vikings? It was an interesting game to say the least but in the end... They lost and I'm now officially OK with that.

It's time to think about Draft position and the Vikings are now sitting 4th. Texas has the worst record in the league with a 2-11 record. Washington and Atlanta are 3-10 and the Vikings are 3-9-1. The Vikings will be in good shape to get the franchise QB they need in next years draft. Go ahead Vikings... Feel free to limp to the finish line.

I will say this... Toby Gerhart is looking pretty good. He may have to keep looking good after the injury to Adrian Peterson. Toby started his pro career very slow but he's starting to look like the guy I saw play for Stanford.

I was excited when the Vikings drafted him because Gerhart was a bowling ball for Stanford. I watched him bounce off defenses and just roll down the field. He was fun to watch... and for the first few years it looked like that excitement was a mistake. He struggled but he's starting to bust out now. He's no AP but he's a becoming a pretty good TG.