The Record did not matter to me last night. My Team was on Monday Night Football... So I turned on the surround sound and filled my living room with football ambience. So much so... that my wife asked me to turn it down. For anyone who feels like siding with my wife... Let me say in my defense that it was a National Broadcast game. This wasn't the typical regional broadcast with secondary equipment. Monday Night Football is great with surround sound... I was going to be able to hear the QB bark out calls in high quality. I only mention this part just to show the anticipation I had going into the game.

Now for the rest... Let's talk about how little enthusiasm I had as the game went on. Let's just say... that the Volume went down as the game progressed and my wife ended up satisfied with the volume.

I'll just say it... The Giants were one of the worst teams I've seen in quite some time and the Vikings were three times worse.

I was shocked when Josh Freeman was named the starting QB earlier this week. I thought to myself that this Freeman guy must be a fast learner to pick up the offense this quickly. 

Turns out... That he may not have a grasp on the offense yet and his start may have been a little premature. Yet here he was starting anyway and this leads to some big questions. 

How many cooks are in the Vikings Kitchen right now? Who made the call to start Josh Freeman?

I have a hard time believing that it was Head Coach Leslie Frazier.

Josh Freeman was running a simplified offense and this was pointed out by Jon Gruden during the broadcast many times. The Giants were stacked up for the run all game long. The Passing game should have been wide open. When Freeman had an open WR to hook up with (which seemed to be quite a bit)... He missed them by a mile. The Minnesota Vikings offense last night was broken and it appears that one of the cooks in the kitchen... BROKE IT.

So based on no information at all... I assume it wasn't Leslie Frazier. A coach would have to know that throwing away half the playbook just to start a QB isn't a good idea. A coach would have to know that Josh Freeman isn't ready yet based on what he had seen in practice. Freeman would have no experience working with his wideouts. It's hard to time patterns without a little experience... you know... timing them.  

Offensive Coordinator Bill Musgrave may have enough juice to convince the head coach to go against his better judgement and start someone not ready but Musgrave wouldn't want to toss away half of his playbook to shoehorn a guy into the lineup. Musgrave and the QB coach would probably have an even better view of what Josh Freeman was looking like in practice. It just doesn't make sense based on what I saw last night.  

That leaves the GM or the Owner as my main suspects. I really believe someone over Leslie Fraziers head... Demanded that Josh Freeman start. 

If it was Frazier who made this call... It's hard to defend it and him with two QB's who have been working with the offense all year suited up. Personally... I can tolerate... Execution mistakes... I can tolerate bad play calls... even bad game plans. Players make mistakes and so do coaches and they make them every day of every week. Nobody is perfect but this decision to start Freeman was something that any worthwhile coach would know better. 

Monday Night Football analyst... Jon Gruden made a statement during the broadcast last night. Paraphrasing... He said something along the lines of... "I feel bad for Leslie Frazier... Josh Freeman has no business starting this football game after 12 days of working with the offense and personnel". Again... I'm paraphrasing... I don't remember the exact words but that comment seemed to suggest that Gruden knew that Frazier was forced to make Freeman the QB. This was my interpretation and I think I'm right.

There are too many cooks in the Vikings Kitchen. The Soup didn't taste good before but it's worse now. No coach would willingly start a guy with 12 days experience over two guys who are prepped, well paid and ready. I'm not a Ponder Fan but Ponder would have won that game last night.