Last night... Troy Huff had a national coming out party. Troy Huff is already considered to be one of the top players in the Big Sky but last night Troy Huff scored 37 points against one of the best basketball teams in the country and he did it on the Big Ten Network broadcast around the United States. He just put his name up toward the top of some national lists... including lists compliled by NBA scouts... Scouts who are going to have to scramble now to find out who he is.

Troy Huff couldn't be stopped by a team that historically stops people. The Wisconsin Head Coach Bo Ryan had to watch the performance of the Milwaukee native Troy Huff and wonder how he let that guy slip away from his backyard.   

UND put together an impressive offensive performance against Wisconsin last night.

I don't know how many of you watched the game on the Big Ten network. If you didn't... The Final score was: Wisconsin 103 UND 85.

Now an 18 point loss doesn't read that impressive without context but there are some things/context that should be pointed out.

#1... Wisconsin is the 12th Ranked team in the Country. They were undefeated with victories over major basketaball programs Florida and St. John's prior to last nights game.

#2... Wisconsin didn't miss... They had to shoot an off the charts 60% from the field including 60% from three point range to beat UND. If they were not so unbelieveably hot shooting the basketball... They don't win this game.

#3... One Seven Footer in Frank Kaminsky had to have the game of his life scoring 43 points. 17-19 from the field and 6-6 from 3 point range to overcome UND's Troy Huff having the game of his life. 

#4... Teams don't score 85 points against Wisconsin. That includes teams like Duke and Michigan!

#5... Nearly every statistic was a draw... Rebounds, Turnovers... A draw.

I'm sure Coach Jones and his staff are going to be talking about defense with the team after allowing 103 points. It's quite possible that defense was an issue in allowing Wisconsin to shoot 60% but these guys will work on it. The defense will get better day by day.  

This team is motivated and it has the horses in place and talented, experienced depth. You better believe that the tape of that game is being passed around the Big Sky and the coaches are a little concerned about it. Bo Ryan commented that his team had to score because they couldn't stop UND.  

And Troy Huff... Wow!!! Remember Jerome Beasley... Forget about him... Come see Troy Huff.

Get your tickets now... Make UND Men's Basketball a consideration this year. It's going to be special and you shouldn't miss it... Be a part of it.

The Bison come to town on Sunday. There is no reason to feel sorry for NDSU and what is about to happen to them this weekend.