It's been a great World Series so far. The Series is tied 2-2 with plenty of drama to go around. I'm pulling for the Cardinals but who wins really doesn't matter much to me. World Series Baseball is always good stuff.  

I've made this point before and I'll make it again.

While watching the World Series... Watch the emotions of the players. Watch the intensity, Watch the players on the top step of the dugout glued to every pitch. Pitchers will fist pump when they get a strikeout... Players will physcially plead with umpires over all close calls because the call matters so much that they can taste it.   

Here's my point to be made again... When you watch the World Series... does it look like Game 96 of the regular season? It doesn't... not even close... So... When you purchase a ticket for a game in July... You are getting ripped off because the players that you watch are nowhere near this level of intensity in July and clearly capable of so much more. You are not getting full value.  

Allen Craig was tripped by Will Middlebrooks who was diving for a ball. In June... Will Middlebrooks probably doesn't dive for that ball. During the regular season... you get a lot of ho hum baseball. The guys are not on the top step of the dugout. Watch the World Series and think back to July... The difference is striking and obvious.   

The Vikings were dropped by the Packers last night 44 to 31. That score is much closer than the game actually was. Yeah Ponder... Looked terrible once again but someway the Vikings do seem to put some points on the board.

The main problem is that they can't seem to score as many points as the defense gives up. Once again... An NFL Team marched up and down the field on our defense. AP can't be counted on to catch us up when we get down big... That has to be done through the air. I think AP is a much bigger factor with a defense that gets a stop every once in awhile. 

UND dropped a heartbreaker to Portland State on Saturday... I didn't see the game so I didn't get to eyeball what happened but I was listening to the game and by the sound of it. The defense continues to make some amazing improvements since the start of the season. 

Going into the game... Portland State was one of the top ranked offenses in the Big Sky. UND shut them down defensively and held a 10-0 lead in the 4th quarter. That's a great achievement in itself. It should have led to a victory but the special teams coughed up the lead. Back to back punts with less than 10 minutes to go led to two easy touchdowns and that was all she wrote. One punt was blocked and the next punt after that was dropped/mishandled by the punter. Portland State went on to win the game 14-10.  

I'm very pleased by the strides the defense is making but the offense is still not firing on all cyclinders and now there was a special teams breakdown. Next Saturday it's Northern Arizona in Flagstaff Arizona. I hope the boys can win this one... because they are in need of a win... Just to feel better about the work they have putting in and that work is starting to show on defense.