Construction Worker Shoots Nail Into His Crotch

A 22-year-old workman is lucky to be alive after accidentally firing an inch-and-a-half nail into his own crotch - only just missing his penis.

Sam Rees mistimed pulling the trigger on a hydraulic hand nail gun while working on a site near Swansea and was left with an excruciating injury.

Horrifying photographs of the accident were captured by Mathew Meagher, a colleague of the unfortunate worker.

Mr. Rees said: 'I was using a nail gun outside and unfortunately I was using it to fire something towards me and the nail just ricocheted and went into my groin.

'The nail was 90mm (3.5in) long and it was embedded 70mm (2.8in) deep. Doctors said it missed my artery by 10mm (0.4in). If I had pulled it out myself I would have bled to death.

'I didn’t really realize how serious the whole thing was until I got to the hospital. I had to have minor surgery to take it out – but having the drip in my arm hurt more.

'I have been having a bit of stick from my colleagues. I've had a couple of harsh comments, but if you do something stupid you expect it." - ixzz4ZMyIipwe


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