Things To Know When Showering Together

Water and lube are most definitely not the same thing.

You might think that water would in fact make your partner, ahem, wet, but it actually does just the opposite. Water actually washes away any natural lubricant she’s got going on, so you’re better off bringing in some lube.

If you want oral, now’s the time to ask for it.

Women can only imagine what’s going on downstairs when it’s hot outside and you just got back from a basketball game with your buddies or you’ve been sweating in your work suit all day. It’s also disconcerting that dudes don’t wipe after they pee. When you’re in the shower, your partner can see with her own eyes that your member is clean and, presumably, odor-free. That can only up your chances of getting lucky.

Practical positions are preferred.

Nothing kills the mood quite like bending us into pretzels and lifting us into the air while we’re both slippery—we just think of how awkward it’ll be when someone finds us dead. If shower sex just isn’t in the cards—you’ve been drinking, the tub is too small, there’s nothing to grip for support—it’s OK to get hot and bothered in there and then move things to another location.

Keep the loofah away from the hoo-ha.

Just because soap and body wash feel good on the rest of your body doesn’t mean it’s OK to put it on private parts. Don’t even think about using hair conditioner or body wash as lube, or even just as a means of teasing. It’ll screw up a woman’s pH balance, which basically just means you’ll make her prone to some bacterial infection that ain’t nobody got time for.

Don’t give up if it’s a wash. (Pun intended).

Showering together might not be as easy as your normal routine. It takes time, preparation and teamwork, but it can definitely amp up the sexiness factor. Be open to trying different positions and giving yourselves time to get it right.


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