Drinking Games You Can Play At Any Age

  1. Never Have I Ever: This is a classic that we can’t really get tired of. It’s low key, there’s an obvious degree of playfulness and even embarrassment, and it’s an excellent way to keep the conversation going in a group of friends or even with strangers. Basically, people sit in a circle. The person who starts says “Never have I ever,” and then follows it up with a statement. If people in the group have done or experienced the thing the person said they hadn’t, they have to drink. So, for instance, someone would say, “Never have I ever been arrested for public urination,” and those who have would have to drink (and generally explain their awful behavior to the group). There’s no real winner or loser here; the game just keeps going on until people are sufficiently drunk and you’ve broken up at least one marriage. No big deal.
  1. Straight Face: This is a game that really only works if your friends aren’t totally lame. Everyone in the group writes down something on a piece of paper that they think would be difficult to say with a straight face. All the papers are folded and dropped in a hat, then people reach into the hat and pick a random piece of paper. If they so much as crack a smile before or while reading it aloud, they have to drink. We also like a rule we made up ourselves. If the person can guess who wrote what they read, the person who wrote it must drink or do a shot. It keeps things creative and interesting (and also gives people more reasons to drink).
  1. Buzz: Buzz is a basic counting game, and the rules are pretty simple. In fact, if we were sober, we’d say the game is a little on the boring side. But when we’re drunk, even simple tasks become quite f**king tedious. Buzz works like this: Players (the bigger the group, the better) go around in a circle counting up from one. Whenever someone comes to the number seven or a multiple of seven, they have to say “Buzz.” If they fail to do this, or accidentally say buzz on a wrong number, they have to drink. You can either have them take a gulp of beer, or you could play the jail yard way and make them do shots of hard stuff. Another variation is that if someone incorrectly says buzz, they have to drink double.
  1. Attached at the Hip: We actually hadn’t heard of Attached at the Hip until we started doing our homework for this story, but we really like the idea. To play this one, people write a bunch of body parts down on pieces of paper, fold everything up and toss them in a bag/hat/whatever. From there, people couple up, head over to the hat, and each couple draws a slip. Each couple then has to “connect” via their assigned body parts (for instance, nose to hip, elbow to foot, etc.). The couple that keeps their body parts connected for the longest wins, and each couple who gives up has to take a shot. We’d imagine this one plays particularly well at swingers parties but, hey, we’re not telling you how to live your life or anything.
  1. Drunken Artists: This game is a lot like Pictionary, but far more catastrophic for those of us who can’t draw so much as a stick figure. Either way, it’s a lot of fun for everyone. In this game, players take turns being both the timers and the artists. The timers whisper a word to the artist and then start the clock. The artist must then draw their best rendition of the word assigned to them by the timer. People have to guess what the picture is and, once someone guesses correctly, the timer stops the timer. For every 20 seconds that transpired until someone guessed the correct number, the artist has to take a drink. So, for instance, if it takes someone 60 seconds to guess correctly, the artist has to take three sips of their drink (or gulps, if that’s how you guys do the damn thing). If the group simply can’t figure out what the artist was drawing, the artist has to do a shot.
  1. True or False Story Time: This one is excellent because all you need is a single dice and for everyone to understand what a noun is. Everyone goes around the room writing various nouns on pieces of paper. The papers are folded up, collected and placed into a hat. Each person draws a slip. When it becomes their turn, each person rolls the dice without showing anyone else. If they get an even number, they have to tell a true story from their life that relates to the noun on their piece of paper. If they roll an odd number, they have to completely fabricate a believable story (“believable” being the key word here) around their noun. But the fun doesn’t end there. After the person tells their story, everyone has to go around and guess whether the story was true or false. If they guess right, you have to drink (one gulp/sip for every right guess), but if they guess wrong, they have to drink. At the very least, everyone gets to get drunk. And at the most, you learn some new, potentially interesting stories about the friends, acquaintances and strangers with whom you’re drinking.


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