Happy 12th Birthday Son Enjoy Some Strippers?

  • Strippers were hired by the boys father to celebrate his 12th birthday.
  • The boy was encourage to touch their breasts.
  • The father was hoping to turn his son into a man.

A so-called millionaire is raising eyebrows after hiring strippers for his son’s 12th birthday party. While he's alleged to be an American, he hasn't been identified - and his saucy soire was first reported by a news site in Spain. And there's video.

So what do we see? The birthday boy dancing with his shirt off while surrounded by the scantily clad women...the kid looking SUPER uncomfortable as the ladies gyrate on him and smoosh their breasts in his face. Dad cheering him on all the way.

The half-naked women even encourage the boy to get grabby with them. Daddy reportedly wanted to "turn his son into a man.” But would he have tried to turn a daughter into a woman by giving her male strippers? Doubtful.


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