Guys DON'T let this happen! EX BFF with new GF

Game night just got really awkward

Your new girlfriend just called you by the same pet name as your ex girlfriend

You now have a real reason to be worried on girls’ night out

You’re going back on Tinder today

Your girlfriend just rekindled a fight you had with your ex-girlfriend

Your worst nightmare scenario is watching “50 Shades of Grey” together on your couch

Every time you get into an argument she says “Now I know what Kristen was talking about”

Your ex-girlfriend texted you on vacation “I always wanted to go to Hawaii”

You feel like you’re in the movie “Single White Female”

Your ex and your girlfriend drunk dialed you at the same time

You just went on an extremely tense double date

The whole “Girlfriends friends don’t like you” thing just went to another level


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