It's All About The Flower's!

You can’t beat a classic.

Flowers are still the go-to gesture to express your undying love and affection — or at least to prove that you didn’t forget about Valentine’s Day.

Bouquets, or some kind of trendy floral equivalent, “never go out of style,” says Christine Strzalka, co-owner of It’s By U, a subscription service that sends DIY flower-arranging kits by mail. But some bouquets are cooler than others.

A dozen red roses, for example? “Those are a little old school,” Strzalka says, though they can be spiced up with some interesting accompaniments, like eucalyptus.

If all of that sounds like a bit of pressure, just call in the pros. There are plenty of fashionable flower-delivery services at your disposal.

It’s By U

If you’d like to flex your creative muscles — but not too hard — consider It’s By U’s mail-order flower kits. Valentine’s Day options include their petite “Tiny Love” assemble-it-yourself arrangement of miniroses, or their quirky “Blissed Out Babe” kit, which features low-maintenance succulents.

Bloom That

Dubbed “Uber for flowers,” this delivery service offers a clutch 90-minute delivery for last-minute orders. Some extra time is necessary for those interested in their “The Most Extra” bouquet, a $500 option that comes with just over 100 stems and might require a small wagon for a vase.

Farmgirl Flowers

Flowers are nice and all, but a little extra something-something can make a difference. With Farmgirl Flowers, you can add all manner of goodies to the package: candy, jewelry, candles and more. The brand’s Valentine’s Day offerings include the “K-I-S-S-I-N-G” package: 30 stems of tulips, a kiss-marked ceramic vase and a package of sour candy lips from Sugarfina.


These fashionable floral arrangements, complete with sprigs of succulents, deliver anywhere in the continental US and include path-less-traveled options such as an air plant in a trendy dinosaur-shaped vase.

Sprout Home

This Brooklyn-based flower delivery company caters to a range of aesthetics, from a sophisticated white-and-green assemblage to a more playful orange-and-pink burst. The company delivers to Brooklyn and Manhattan, but walk-ins are also welcome at their storefront at 59 Grand St., Brooklyn.

Petal by Pedal

There’s something terribly romantic about getting flowers delivered by bicycle. This local flower-delivery company on wheels sources all their stems from New York state and arranges them in rustic-chic Mason jars. There’s even the option to add a typewritten love lette


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