Those Who Clean Together Have More Sex!

Here’s a dirty reason for couples to clean up together — partners who share more housework have more sex, according to a new survey. quizzed 993 cohabitating couples on how splitting the chore correlates with relationship satisfaction. And couples were happiest when they divided tasks the most evenly, particularly taking care of the kids — a pressing concern for many parents thanks to the soaring costs of child care in recent years.

And relationships where both partners dusted and cleaned the bathroom had sex nearly two more times each month than when women shouldered the responsibility alone. And partners who communicate that they need help getting things done — rather than waiting around for a partner to pitch in — also have happier relationships. (Alas, our partners aren’t mind readers.)

Yet also found that women are still doing most of the work at home. During the average week, women spend twice as much time on chores like laundry and cooking (five hours and 48 minutes total) than men. This adds up to an extra 301 hours of unpaid overtime a year, according to the study. Men, meanwhile, spent more time than women organizing household finances, attempting home repairs and taking out the trash (up to 55 minutes per week).


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