Millennial's Like “Touching Themselves”

According to a survey by Tenga, more than half of young millennials masturbate weekly — more than any other age group

They may be lacking in social skills and have weaker handshakes, but millennials know how to get down with themselves. A recent survey found that 57 percent of people aged 18-24 masturbate weekly, which is apparently higher than any other age group.

What percentage of men and women pleasure themselves?

In America, 92 percent of men and 76 percent of women say they do it. In the U.K., those numbers are 96 and 78 percent; and in Germany, they're 93 and 76 percent. What's holding us back, America? Masturbation has plenty of benefits, including boosting your mood, helping you last longer, and even preventing prostate cancer. As long as jerking off isn't interfering with your everyday life, you're free to do it as much as you want.

Though lots of people masturbate, many aren't so keen on talking about it with their partners. According to the survey, "only 18 percent of respondents in the United States, 15 percent in the United Kingdom and 11 percent in Germany feel it is important to talk about masturbation with people they are close with."


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