What has surprised Ozzy Osbourne? Find out.

As Ozzy Osbourne embarks on his final world tour, "No More Tours 2", he recently  revealed what he is most surprised about his legendary career.

He says that "The longevity" is the biggest surprise. He explained "I'm 70 this year (in December). I remember when I got my first Black Sabbath album. I was happy that I'd made an album. Then, the manager came in and said, 'Your album got to #17 on the charts,' and it stayed there for like two years. We were touring, we came to America, we experienced the world. From the word 'Go,' we were a big success.

Ozzy has stated many times he is not "retiring" but he is looking forward to a break after the "No More Tours 2' tour.  What does he look forward to doing?  Spending time with wife Sharon. 

"Something happens as soon as I've got my bags down--The Osbournes happens. It's always drama. I have this notion that me and Sharon are going to have a peaceful holiday, but you bet your ass as soon as I walk through that door, it's fu**ing something. Get me back on the road!"


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