Guy Lists "Used Girlfriend" On Ebay & Gets Bids

  • As a prank, a man listed his girlfriend on eBay as "used girlfriend"
  • Soon he started getting real bids
  • The bids soon exceeded $90 thousand dollars

Here's a brave choice in a "#MeToo" world...a man thought he had played the perfect practical joke on his girlfriend by putting her up for sale as a “used girlfriend” on eBay. But it backfired once he started receiving bids exceeding $90-thousand.

Dale Leeks posted a picture of his “used girlfriend” Kelly Greaves on eBay in the United Kingdom, listing her condition as “for parts or not working” citing a “constant whining noise.” For an extra jab, he described her as “fairly tidy but close up shows signs of wear.” He and his girlfriend had a laugh about the prank, with the girlfriend thinking no one would see it – that is, until he started getting offers.


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